Anyone who runs a Franchise will be all too familiar with the constant requirement for printed materials. The printed goods that are needed will vary from business to business. For example, there might be a requirement for a high volume of name badges, menus, business cards, brochures etc. The list is long. Usually, the person (or team) responsible for print product procurement will have other tasks as well as this. Often, the organisation and ordering of printed materials is tagged on as an extra task to one or many peoples job roles but can, in fact, take up a huge amount of time. In this article, we discuss the benefits of investing in a web to print client portal and how having one can improve business, consistency and workflow. 

Web to Print Storefronts in a few words… 

Before we get started on the benefits of investing in a web to print storefront, let’s get clear about what one is exactly. Web to Print Storefronts or Client Portals are one and the same thing with different names. A business can log into their print portal and access a set number of templates for the print products they require regularly. These templates are configured so that elements can be edited and changed (such as names or locations) but the basic format and design remains fixed. The print products can be edited and ordered with ease by anyone authorised to do so.  

Organisation and time saving 

One of the top benefits of having a web to print storefront is the time saving element. There are many ways that this time saving comes into play. Below, we go into convenience, in relation to process administration. But simply put, having access to a web to print portal means that any editing and changing of print product templates is quick and seamless. You can rest assured that all the elements of the product are already set up and only need minimal editing. It also gives the ability to create repeat orders of certain products that you know will be required in set amounts, incrementally. No admin required. Utilising a web to print client portal saves time: locating where documents are saved, messing around editing templates, placing orders and figuring out what each department needs. This time saved can be redistributed back into the business. Whether that’s on additional staff training, business development, new equipment etc. cost saving on administration should always be a priority since there is always a better way for that money to be spent. 

Reduces risk 

Unless your business has their processes and administration firmly nailed down (and let’s face it – most don’t!), then it’s likely that your print product templates will be saved in a variety of places. It will then go to follow that only specific members of staff will know where these items are saved. Having a web to print portal reduces any risk associated with losing print templates, depending on the knowledge of one or a few people to know where they are saved or wasting time trying to locate where they are saved in your business’ systems. A web to print storefront provides a central location whereby anyone authorised from within any Franchise can log in and find the print product templates that they need, quickly and effortlessly.  

Brand Consistency 

If you have a number of Franchises then maintaining brand consistency can be a tricky thing to manage, particularly where print products are concerned. For example, ensuring that colours, fonts and paper stock used for an item such as a business card remain homogeneous throughout all branches of a business might seem like a small thing. But actually, if print ordering isn’t managed well, then your Brand can be compromised, as staff who are in a rush may not pay close enough attention to these details when placing orders. Without set templates, design and details can be changed all too easily, without care.  

Flex4 OPS – Experts in Web to Print Software Solutions 

For Franchises, the benefits of investing in a web to print client portal, to manage print product requirements, are many. The long-term return on investment is enough on its own but even just the immediate time saving will be the assurance you need.  

If you’re interested in a web to print storefront or client portal and would like a no commitment chat, contact us at Flex4. We are web to print software specialists with over 15yrs experience.