How To Make Digital Marketing Successful In The Print Sector [Infographic]

The ultimate aim for any printer looking to enter the online market is to generate online enquiries. It’s no good having the perfect website (no matter how pleased you are with it) if potential customers looking to order print can’t find it.

Do a quick internet search for one of your key products. If your website isn’t showing in the top results you can rest assured one of your competitors is.

A successful digital marketing campaign should focus on proven techniques such as content creation, search engine marketing, social media engagement and conversion optimisation. Digital marketing done the right way will result in highly targeted website visitors who are ready to place an order. Long term digital marketing does require effort but any investment can be returned many times over.

Digital marketing is essential

Research shows that over 81% over of people now conduct online research before making a purchase. If your print brand isn’t found by your potential customers they will place an order elsewhere.

Digital marketing also provides small print businesses with a cost effective strategy to compete with larger competitors. Traditional marketing methods are often dominated by companies with big budgets leaving little opportunities for the small business owner. Digital marketing provides a cost-effective way for any print business to compete firstly on a local level, and then even position themselves nationally.

Create a future proof print website

Any modern website should not only look great but be easy to manage and built using the latest web development techniques. The minimum for any website today is to have a responsive design layout, this ensures its easy to view and navigate around regardless of which device or screen size it’s viewed on.

You will want to instantly update the content as required without having to wait for a web designer to action changes for you. Using an easy to use content management system such as WordPress allows you to update text, but also update your print products and pricing. Plus you’ll want your website to have an eCommerce print solution built in, allowing your customers to order their print online.

Increase your online visibility

Unique visitors are central to any successful digital marketing campaign. Recognised techniques will position your website in the right places an build your overall brand presence.

Search engine optimisation will increase your rankings for relevant search terms, social media engagement will create conversations with your audience and engaging email campaigns will build profitable relationships.

Create quality and useful content

As far back as 1996 Bill Gates declared that ‘Content Is King’ – and in 2017 that statement has never been truer. Creating highly engaging and useful content for your visitors is a fundamental part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

However, creating the content is just the start, the key to getting people to view it is to communicate it widely through the right channels. Using your blogs and social media channels to drive visitors is great place to start – as well as content outreach through emails and link building.

Convert website visitors into paying customers

Even when you have a steady stream of qualified website visitors unless you’ve created an easy to use and engaging website, they will quickly leave and go elsewhere. Conversion rate optimisation involves building trust with your visitors and making it as easy possible for them to find the information they need, and ultimately encourage them to place an enquiry. Only then do you begin to see a return on your digital marketing efforts.

Infographic: How To Make Digital Marketing Successful In The Print Sector

Inforgraphic: Digital marketing success for printers

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