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Everything you ever wanted to know about web to print and how it can benefit your business.

Web to Print Storefronts Explained

As specialists in web to print software, we see much confusion around what a web-to-print storefront is and how to decipher the difference between this and print ecommerce. We get asked “what is web to print?” on a regular basis! To begin with, there is a lot of differing terminology out there. Print portals, W2P

The Online Print Coach hits the road

A series of in-person workshops designed to help print & signage business owners boost their sales. The Online Print Coach has announced the creation of a new workshop designed to provide business owners in the sign and print industry with tips, tools, tactics and strategies to grow and improve their companies. Founder, Colin Sinclair McDermott,

5 Ways to Optimise your Print Business

It sometimes seems like the rate at which the world moves forward in many ways, is hard to keep up with if you own a business. Emerging and changing trends, social media, evolving software and tech, new rules and regulations. It can be overwhelming for business owners and can feel like unless you stay abreast

How To Become a Print Reseller

During the last 18 months, many people have decided to diversify their business’, take on additional work, or change careers entirely. This has partly been driven by the movement of increased online sales and online working because of the pandemic. The print industry, being one of the sectors to feel the effects of vast online

Flex4 and Tradeprint – A Partnership Built To Last

Did someone say Integration? Integration and automation for print businesses is becoming increasingly essential and Flex4 has partnered with a number of organisations to help deliver print workflow improvements. An example of this is our successful 3 year partnership with Tradeprint, who are one of the UK’s most successful trade printers and celebrated their 25


Here at Flex4 we have some very exciting news: OPS CORE is here! For the past few months, we’ve been busy developing OPS CORE, which is specially designed to offer our customers a low cost entry-level solution that can be upgraded over time as your business needs change. The OPS CORE Package allows you to