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Why Is Content Important on Print eCommerce Websites?

Whilst the primary function of a print eCommerce website is to allow you to sell print products online to your customers, offering a web to print website must also fulfil other functions to make it a useful part of your business strategy. Content that helps your customers A good print eCommerce site will inform customers,

Building Your Print Brand With Web To Print

When you are considering purchasing new web to print shop software to take advantage of the growing trend in print ecommerce, it’s important to consider the wider implications of building your brand online. What’s In A Brand? Think of all the famous brands that are household names. From Coca-Cola to Nike, Cadbury’s to Samsung, these

Does Marketing For Printers Really Matter?

We all know that printers provide marketing materials such as flyers and banners for their customers, but what about marketing for printers themselves? Often in the rush to get the job done marketing can be the furthest thing from a printer’s mind when they are considering the day to day business but marketing your business

The importance of “brand”

When we discussed storefronts in our last article, we mentioned that one of their key advantages is “brand protection” i.e. the on-line templates in the Web to print solution will be pre-agreed and impossible to modify without the correct authority.  Thus logos, fonts, colours etc. – all very carefully designed by the marketing departments –

The Printers Guide to SEO

The major search engines Google and Bing are excellent sources of visitors to your website. Google in particular is able to provide enough visitors, enquiries and sales to sustain most print businesses and make their website a worthwhile investment so it is essential that you pay attention to SEO. SEO or search engine optimisation is